Mental Health First Aid

Train yourself, your staff, or your volunteers to be certified in Mental Health First Aid.

This course empowers you with the skills and confidence to assist another person during a mental health crisis.

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Why book with me?

I have actively worked in the Mental Health field for ten years and have used Mental Health First Aid many times--at work with clients and coworkers, with strangers, and with family and friends.

I know that anyone can experience a mental health crisis. 

I want to end the stigma so we can help more people together.

I believe that our fear comes from lack of knowledge and skills.

I want to bring these skills to as many people as I can so that we can have a more loving, and safe world for all people.

As a community, we are only as healthy as our least healthy member.

We belong to one another and have a responsibility to each other.


Stats & Facts

In the U.S., suicide is the second-leading cause of death in people 

10-34 years old and the 10th cause of death overall.

In a June 2020 study of 5400 adult participants, 40% reported mental health issues or substance abuse.

The time that passes between the onset of mental illness symptoms and treatment for that person is 11 years on average.