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Motivate and inspire your clients, staff, or friends

with a speaking engagement with Jessica.

Share health and wholeness with those you care about.


All about resilience!  We will look at struggles, and how to not only overcome them, but to make meaning from them. When we make meaning, our lives are transformed and our ability to weather future storms is strengthened.


Life is full of transitions.  Has your business gone through a big change?  Is one of your friends becoming a parent or going through divorce?  Support the people in your life with this booking.

Living with Purpose

What motivates you to do what you do?  How do you approach each moment of life?  Learn how to identify what matters most and live into your values with this session or workshop.

Self Care

Self care is a preventative practice and helps us avoid burnout.  Learn the what, why, and how of this much talked about topic.  You will understand its benefits and find ways to put it into practice in your own life.  

Loss and Grief

We lose things that we love in this life; that is a fact, and grief is a byproduct of loss. Learn about the different types of grief, and gain insight into your experience of loss as we work through the three R's of grief together (remember, reflect, and relearn).

Build Your Own*

Work with Jessica to contour a session to your group's needs.

Each topic can be booked as a 50-minute presentation or a 2-hr workshop.

Inquire for pricing.

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